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Learn to surf or to progress your surfing and/or water confidence skills with a professional, experienced surf coach who is passionate about sharing a love of surfing.

The coaching team is led by owner and Head Coach Pegleg Bennett, who successfully competed in the BBC's 2023 Survivor Series. Peg is on the beach with the coaching team most days, so booking with us offers you the unique possibility to meet up with Peg and talk about his survival adventures both within the show and  surfing breaks across the world ... as well as learn to surf of course!

Peg's Surf Coaching is available on the beach in Cornwall 7 days a week throughout the year. Times of the surf lessons are matched to the times and size of the predicted tides ... but if it's daylight, and surf is up, then there's a good chance that you will be able to book a lesson!

We are based mainly in Perranporth, but we also regularly teach on the beaches in Newquay and at St Agnes. Unlike larger surf schools with a fixed base, we can easily move the location of lessons in response to the surf conditions on the day ... If you are flexible - so are we!

Pegleg Bennett (Peg), updated January 2024

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